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Utena is a participant in The International Awards for Liveable Communities

LivComAwardsThe Utena District Municipality has successfully participated in the past in The International Awards for Liveable Communities (LivCom). In 2007, Utena was awarded a silver award, and in 2011, a bronze award. This year, Utena will participate again, and the event will take place in the city of Xiamen, China.
LivCom began in 1997 and takes place annually. It is non-political, embracing all peoples and cultures, and over 50 countries have been represented among the winners of the awards. Communities participating in the competition provide a six-part written application for evaluation in the following categories: enhancement of the natural and built landscapes; arts, culture and heritage; environmental best practices; community participation and empowerment; healthy lifestyle; and strategic planning. Of course, the participants in LivCom differ greatly in terms of size, the structure of community culture, and the responsibility of local authorities, but they all seek a common goal, to create and share international Best Practice in improving the quality of life for their communities.
LivCom is the only awards competition in the world which focuses on international Best Practice regarding management of the local environment and improving the quality of life by creating ‘liveable communities’. Communities participating in the competition are divided into five groups according to population size. Communities are compared not against others within their category, but are judged according to how they perform with regard to the cultural, political, economic, geographic, and climatic environment in which they are situated. Upon passing the stage of evaluation of written applications, participants are invited to the finals, in which they make a 35-minute presentation about their community.
We are pleased that Utena has passed the first stage of evaluation and has been invited to participate in the finals. More detailed information about the competition and its participants may be found at http://www.livcomawards.com/

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Utena’s residents shared joyful smiles

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