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The Municipality of Beit Sahour signs a twining agreement with the Municipality of Utena in Lithuania

2016 09 05 Bet SahourIn a mission to expand and widen the international relations of Beit Sahour Municipality, a Palestinian delegation led by Mayor Mr. Hani Al Hayek and a number of Councilmen headed to Lithuania to sign a twinning agreement with the city of Utena.

In a remarkable ceremony which was held on the honor of Beit Sahour delegation on Saturday 05.09.2015, a cooperation agreement was signed with the Municipality of Utena County as both parties agreed to cooperate in several areas: including cultural, historical and religious heritage, sports, social security, environmental protection, tourism, economy and trade, small craft and education and youth cooperation as well.

The agreement aims to start a fruitful future cooperation, a cooperation that is based on mutual respect; understanding and sustainable development through twinning that unites the two cities, and thus both societies to help each other to achieve further development, prosperity and well-being through the efforts and cooperation of mayors, municipal council and the local community in both cities.
The signing of the agreement took place in an annual festival held by the city of Utena to honor its twinnings and display their successes on the international level. Beit Sahour Municipality was the main event in this festival, which was also attended by representatives of different cities such as Bareilly and Rezekne (Latvia), Chelm (Poland), the city of Kovel (Ukraine), Globokoji (Belarus). The ceremony which was attended by members of the Lithuanian parliament and members of Utena County Council and the heads of political committees and honorary citizens was covered by a large number of local and foreign media.

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