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Project “Promotion of Sustainable Development by Strengthening the Social Clustering in Public Sector” Partner Visit to Oslo, Norway 2017-04-03 – 2017-04-06-03 – 2017-04-06

In April 3th – 6th, 2017 he project partner representatives will take part in the second visit  to Norway.2017 03 15 (2)

The main purpose of the visit - to deliver social clustering competency model as a project activity 1.1.1. result. In visit in Oslo will be intensive meetings, discussions and discussions with the project partners and the Norwegian public sector organizations and their operating structures. During the meetings will be presented project’s the results achieved also the project will take place in an intensive dissemination of information about best practices inherited.

Representatives of the project partners will share experiences about staff training methods for the teaching and learning methods, and get acquainted with the Norwegian non-governmental organizations of good practice in relation to cooperation and social development clusters in municipalities, regions.

The visit is also scheduled to meet with the Norwegian NGO Association Secretary General Slotteroy Stian Johnsen (Secretery General of the Association of NGOs in Norway). Stian Johnsen Slotteroy will comments about the importance of social clustering in organizations and the development of innovative anti-corruption measures, training methods applied and the possible training methods.

 It is also planned a meeting with the organization's e-Factor (www.efaktor.no) manual Jonna Vienola that organizes virtual training to municipalities both in Norway and Denmark. During the meeting, sharing best practices, current challenges and new opportunities associated with distance learning, applicable to municipalities.

2017 03 15 (1)Special Advisor Haakon Meland Eriksen of the Norwegian municipal and regional associations will share best practices, how to strengthen the public sector social clustering and administrative public capacities in all Norwegian municipalities (there are a total of 430), will discuss the problems and challenges commonly encountered, and how successful is achieved today.

Participants from Lithuania Norway will be arranged practical meetings in different municipalities and public sector organizations taking over the best practices namely learn to cooperate in the creation of networks with different structures. Meeting the main objective - to hear and see more public sector organizations successes, cooperation and development of social clusters.

Project developers: Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences

Project partners: Fleksibel Utdanning Norge, Biržų district municipality, Biržai District Public Health Office, Prienai District, Prienai care home, Druskininkai municipality, Druskininkai Education Center, Utena District Municipality, Utena A. and M. Miškinis Public Library in Vilnius Design College Public Amber Academy, Lithuanian College of democracy.

 For more information, please visit: www.socialcluster.lt

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