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Starts virtual training for the public sector

programos zenklas ltStrengthening the Lithuanian public sector social clustering competencies this month will introduce a virtual learning models in2017 01 17 3 Lithuanian and English languages which will be available for each of our country's public sector workers modules are created under the project ”Promotion of Sustainable Development by Strengthening the Social Clustering in Public Sector” and implemented by Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences together with Utena, Druskininkai, debate and Birzu municipalities, Vilnius College of Design, Lithuanian College of Democracy, PI "Amber Academy and partners from Norway Flexible Education, Norway.

The training program will be divided into two parts - social clustering competence and institutional and administrative capacity of public development programs with thematic modules. Public sector workers and the above-mentioned project partners in Lithuania and Norway in accordance with their need to be able to choose one or several training programs independently at their convenient time of the day to join a virtual environment to the teaching materials, teaching materials consult with the organizers and tasks.

“Virtual training participants will be provided with social partnership, social business communication knowledge, which will help develop the skills and values necessary for socially2017 01 17 responsible business community and society development. Online participants will also learn how the municipality could create an environment conducive to social development and the development of clusters and ways to contribute to the wider regional and overall competitiveness of the country”- says the project manager, Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences Assoc. dr. Angele Kausyliene.

The project involved scientists believe the main Lithuanian social problems, which are already today the necessary innovative solutions, lies in poverty prevention, friendly environment for different customer groups in areas.

“The training will be invited to participate in the partner municipalities, non-governmental organizations and private institutions, employees who are interested in human resource management, social clustering and innovation. Lithuanian University of Educational assistants who prepare these modules will be assisted by the project partners from Norway - Torhild Slatters Norwegian alternative education network organization, linking the Norwegian universities, NGOs and educational consulting organization, director and professor. dr. Morten Flate Paulsen, Norway open virtual training academy president. Along with the stock exchange, Druskininkai, debate and Utena regions professionals discussed our university professors of virtual learning models and continue to explore innovative and practical approaches to achieve them”- reveals the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences prof. dr. Giedrė Kvieskienė.

 Project developers: Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences


2017 01 17 1Project partners: FLEKSIBEL utdanning Norge, Biržų district municipality, Biržai District Public Health Office, Prienai District, Prienai care home, Druskininkai municipality, Druskininkai Education Center, Utena District Municipality, Utena A. and M. Miškinis Public Library in Vilnius Design College Public Amber Academy, Lithuanian College of democracy.


For more information, please visit: www.socialcluster.lt


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