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Charter of Residents of the Utena District Municipality

Charter of Residents of the Utena District MunicipalityThe administration of the Utena District Municipality, in order to meet the requirements for a management system and to constantly improve its effectiveness, announces this Charter of Residents, and takes responsibility for upholding it. The Charter of Residents consists of a mission statement, a statement of work values, and commitments.
We improve the quality of life of residents of the Utena district and we improve the conditions for activity of local organisations.
Work Values
Qualification – every employee of the administration is competent to well perform his or her work. Constant improvement of qualifications according to ever-changing work conditions and the work environment is encouraged .
Effectiveness – the entire activity of the organisation is devoted to attaining measurable results. A work culture of industriousness and thoroughness is encouraged.
Communicability – the basis of open teamwork. The smooth sharing of information in pursuit of overall results for the good of the Utena district is encouraged. We aim to be attentive to every resident who seeks our help, and to be oopen to suggestions for improving our work.
We commit ourselves to satisfy the needs of local residents.
To periodically organise meetings with local residents and representatives of local organisations.
To attempt to influence owners of neglected private property, so that they would better maintain such property and together we would live in a more attractive city.
To pay greater attention to publicising the boundaries of private property, and to encourage the principles of firm and stable neighbourliness.
In planning changes affecting city infrastructure, we will consult with local residents and representatives of local organisations, and as individually as possible invite them to share information about their interests.
We commit ourselves to satisfying the needs of local organisations.
To encourage cooperation between business, non-governmental organisations, and the municipality, by establishing positions for volunteer civic advisers.
To seek constant direct dialogue with business organisations that work toward the growth and development of the Utena district.
To work together with partner cities to maintain and organise business connections that could later become successful business organisations.
To seek to adapt the programmes of local learning institutions to the needs of local business.

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